Cynthia 3

Then it came to me; I remembered how excited I became reading about Vivian and Jessica. I felt like I was now Vivian.

Pete spread her lips apart and began stroking into her hairy slit. His fingers paid special attention to her swollen hooded little bead. She moaned more, and louder. I undid my blanket and reached into my robe and between my legs. I probably should have put my pjs back on after showering, but I figured they would be off quick enough for my massage, so why bother.

Another benefit to not wearing pjs; it’s less inhibiting for my hand to snake its way between my legs. After watching Pete and Rhoda, I was soaking slippery. My hand had no problem splashing playfully between my wet slit. Stroking myself in unison with Pete’s fingers in Rhoda’s wet cunt, I was imagining Pete doing it to me. Oh God, am I coming already? How can Rhoda endure such heavenly torture?

No I have to stop. I took my hand away after one final brush against my clit. I felt a torrent of wetness flowing from my pulsing pussy. My clit was throbbing and my tummy was spasming. I was ready to cum but held off. I was shaking again. I wrapped myself in the blanket and turned to watch the blank TV. The sounds from Rhoda were too much to bear; I told myself, don’t do it, but I had to take one more quick look. She was on her back now and Pete had just started massaging her breasts; first one then the other.

My quick peek became an unrelenting stare as I watched Pete gently grasp each Rhoda’s breasts with both hands and circle clockwise and counterclockwise and softly squeeze up off her erect nipple. Then he stroked her areola with both thumbs and forefinger and pull away from her nipple like tracing the spokes of a wheel. Then back to the stiffened nipple and up and off again. By the time Pete got to Rhoda’s other breast my nipples were stiff and I could feel myself wetting my bathrobe and probably my blanket as well.

I’ve never felt this excited in my whole life. I reached down and in again. I was swollen either still or again. I had to touch myself once more. Thirty seconds, God it felt good, and I had to stop again. What am I doing? I’m supposed to be watching TV and here I am watching a live show, playing with myself on the verge of coming practically in front of my sister and a total stranger. Damn, I didn’t care. I was so hot and wet. Why hadn’t Rhodes told me about this long ago? I would have moved here in a New York minute. Fuck the TV.
I ended my second quick glance and stared at the blank TV screen again. It was quiet for now and I was able to take my mind off things for a few minutes, except I was still tingling between my legs and my robe was wet. Rhoda started again and I could stop the urge. I had to look, but I knew from the previous quick glances this wasn’t going to be a quick ogling either. This was going to be my undoing. I briefly thought of Vivian again from my story last night. I became her again; but shortly I was going to become Jessica

Rhoda was moaning and writhing beneath Pete’s touch. Rhoda said out loud, "Pete that feels so nice. Don’t stop yet!" Thinking out loud to myself again, I had to look. I had to see what Pete was doing that made Rhoda say such things. Just a quick peek I kept saying to myself. I was so curious and aroused by now. As much as I wanted to go back up stairs for fear I might get caught being a voyeur, I couldn’t control my urges. I looked, my mouth opened in awe, I couldn’t turn away.

Pete had moved down past Rhoda’s tummy and his glistening fingers were sliding once more along her labia. Little pinches of labia flesh between his thumb and forefinger pulling the hot slippery flesh in rhythmic steps from her vagina to her clitoris and back again. I could feel him tugging on my lips the same way. Up and down one side then the other. I had never in my entire life seen this much detail of my sister; or this much detail of a dripping pussy. The details of an erotic massage were almost too much o endure. If I was aroused this much from watching, I could only imagine what Rhoda was feeling.

With every stroke up and down her slit, I could see that Pete was nudging her puffed up little nub. Pete began pressing on each side of Rhoda’s labia. It seemed they had swollen even more. I had my hand inside my robe again watching Pete slowly manipulating Rhoda’s engorged clit. I tried to move my fingers the same way. It began feeling really good again. Pete lifted Rhoda’s spread legs and raised her knees up and put a small pillow under her butt. He reached for something on the tray beside the table. A plastic squeeze bottle of what looked like Astroglide and he began covering his right hand with the slippery liquid. I kept my hand between my legs but didn’t dare move it for fear of cumming out loud. I continued to watch and could see Rhoda was wide open and very wet.

I had never known this side of Rhoda. I don’t mean her pussy side; I mean her private life side and her erotic massage sessions. I never dreamt that Sis would ever show her body to any man. This was a whole new Rhoda. I couldn’t stop now as I watched the proceedings unfold. Pete parted Sis’s lips and inserted his slick thumb smoothly into Rhoda’s vagina. With his fingers on her mound and thumb in her, he squeezed lightly as he moved his hand slowly in and out. I was starting to shake in a good way this time as Pete kept moving the position of his thumb like the hands of a clock. I tried to do that to myself, but it was not possible. He would squeeze and slide in and out for a minute at each hour of the clock and then as he got to around the seven o’clock position he took out his thumb and continued with two fingers until he made it all the way around to twelve again.

Rhoda was tensing; she was getting ready. I could see Rhodes shaking and trembling from the intense pleasure she must have been feeling. As Pete continued thrusting and squeezing, I caught glimpses of Rhoda’s immensely swollen clit. I never thought it possible a clit could swell so much. Pete would softly nudge it with each gripping push. I don’t know how she held back for so long. My hand was moving faster. I was breathing fast. I was sure they could hear me, but neither looked my way. Pete was definitely a professional. I’ve never seen a massage like this. I thought he was finished; I was almost finished. I was swollen, but nothing like Sis. My tummy was tingling; no, it was throbbing; my hand was totally wet and slick.

Pete began something different. While his left hand he began to go back to Rhoda’s breasts and fondle her stiff nipples; and then return down over her furry mound to manipulate her clitty; back and forth he repeated this step. While doing this I watched closely. On his last stroke down over her bushy mound with two fingers, he parted her lips sliding down both sides of her bulging nub. Pete didn’t stop there; his fingers inched further to seek out her vagina again. His glistening thick fingers slowly entered as he stretched her hole once more and began wiggling them somehow. Rhoda started with some louder moans of ecstasy as Pete concentrated on her clitoris and vagina.

Whatever Pete was doing, Rhodes surely loved it. My hand was moving like my little toy bunny. Rhoda’s hips came up off the pillow, her toes curled as tight. My legs were stretched apart and straight out from the couch. My back was arching and I could feel my toes tighten. I couldn’t stop. My hand was trembling in the slipperiness, with little vibrations patting my clit. Rhoda started screaming from a gigantic orgasm. I looked up and saw Rhodes ejaculating all over Pete’s hand and arm. I heard of women doing this when they have a strong orgasm but never believe it. Pete had pulled his fingers from Sis’s soaking wet gash.

With his help she put one foot on his shoulder. Her legs were spread while Pete rested the palm of his hand over Sis’s mound and softened clit. Her swollen lips were open and I could see her juicy vagina having multiple contractions. I came all over myself and robe. I hadn’t had an orgasm this hard in ages. I didn’t have a gusher but I did get pretty wet. I also couldn’t believe that they didn’t hear me. I guess Rhoda’s bellowing had muted my paltry screams.

I was just about to get up and return to my room so I wouldn’t get caught, but my legs were too weak. I couldn’t stand just yet. I sat back for a minute hoping they wouldn’t see me in this condition. I sank back into the sofa cushions and took one last peek. Pete had moved to the side of the table to give Rhoda a soothing connecting rub. He certainly didn’t hide the fact that he had gotten a bit excited doing my sister. He had a huge bulge in his pants. Rhoda reached out and placed her hand on him and thanked him for another great massage.

I was still tingling and wet for more. I wanted my massage more than ever after this show. I wanted that big bulge Pete was hiding. While she was thanking Pete and giving him a little mini massage of thanks, it was time for me to split. I pried myself off the sofa and hobbled upstairs and flopped on the bed.
Exhausted from watching TV, I just laid there and waited for Rhoda to come up and tell me it’s time for my massage.This erotic massage session was like nothing I ever imagined; I couldn’t believe Sis was hiding this from me all this time. Maybe she thought I wouldn’t be interested; or maybe she just thought there were plenty of places like this in New Jersey. I had never seen my sister cum. I had never seen any other woman cum. I’ve never felt myself cum like that in my life.

I must be a voyeur and never knew it. I just couldn’t turn my eyes away from Rhoda’s special massage. Watching had been the cause for my excitement. All kinds of thoughts of me being some type of pervert were going through my mind. After watching Pete’s glistening hands pleasuring my sister and thinking of my turn next, I realized I was still pinching my left nipple and lightly dancing with my fingers on my tummy. I still can’t believe what I just did; masturbated while watching my sister receive a massage. Well, after all it was a very special massage.

This week was turning out to be the best vacation ever. I closed my eyes and waited for Rhoda to call me down for my journey to ‘Ecstasyland’.

Cynthia 3